Welcome to Tccvet Project

Why Tccvet?

Vocational education in Europe is struggling with some major difficulties and one of them is the low-level usage of digital educational tools. Students who enter the VET system, spend and live their life in the digital age, but both teachers and schools can’t keep up with this digital trend. Through the reform of education system, most of the schools have digital hardware what they can use in the everyday classroom work but the teachers’ knowledge has not followed the development of the requirements of today's world.

Context of the Project

Using more digital tools in their lessons, teachers and educators can find opportunities to develop their teaching techniques and to increase teachers’ development and quality. For this reason, TCC VET will contribute directly to the PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF VET TEACHERS, supplying them with the digital and interactive tools to improve their lessons by using modern technology. Furthermore and equally important: we will support teachers by developing supportive guiding resources for them to fully understand HOW to use these tools effectively in the classroom, giving them the confidence and skills to use the tools in practice in the classroom. This is the only way to ensure that students will eventually gain the knowledge they need for the future labour market: they need the best teachers to teach them these skills so they can find good jobs after leaving school. The Strategic Roadmap will facilitate schools to turn the evaluation outcomes into Action Plans with the proposed curriculum and learning environment improvements (for instance: new or revised courses, minors, modules etc.). With this Strategic Roadmap in hand, schools can evaluate their curricula currently in place as a starting point.

European Context: boundaries are disappearing, more and more jobs are becoming international and less dependent on the country that you live in. Students are therefore also being stimulated to travel more internationally and take internships or studies abroad. If we develop these skills for VET teachers and students for the entire EU in the coming years, the EU as a whole will become more competitive. Students will have better career opportunities and EU businesses gain more highly qualified students

Target group

Students This approach will also develop students’ 21st century skills including critical thinking, quizzical attitudes and increased participation. Starting from this point, TCC VET intends to truly engage students by equipping their teachers with both the knowledge and skills how to apply interactive, visual and digital tools in classroom.

VET College The integration of technology within the education sector can fundamentally transform how learning is received and delivered. Typically schools start investing in hardware such as smart boards. However, big investments in technology alone is not enough. It all begins with the educators, the teachers. Regarding interactive, digital and modern ways of teaching, we advocate an integrated approach to ensure school policy and practice in classroom becomes well aligned.

Teachers Teachers are the central target group of our project because they transfer their knowledge to the ultimate benificiaries: the students. They need to understand digital education, explore and acknowledge the opportunities it brings and know how to use it in the teaching and learning process. The above mentioned funding spent for technology investment will be ineffective if teachers cannot optimally use the facilities in their teaching. Therefore, TCC VET will take an integrated approach to serve the needs of teachers and their VET colleges, to optimally engage the final beneficiaries, the students. They need to become very familiar with digital skills and feel comfortable to continuously keep learning when new technologies or applications arise. Therefore, this project will create a continuous cycle for VET teachers to keep up to date with new technologies, applications and programmes in order to maintain life long learning at VET schools.

TCC VET project in detail