A virtual presentation of TCCVET to 187 VET educators, Graduate and post-graduate VET students and adult educators

IDEC S.A organised 2 webinars, under the framework of another Erasmus + Project, called OPENITUP; The first one took place on the 10th of April 2020 and engaged 87 participants while the second one, on the 14th of April 2020, attracted 95 attendees. Both webinars, besides presenting the aforementioned project were about innovative teaching methodologies, with special reference to CLIL, accompanied with a short presentation of some key digital tools that were already available in the TCCVET Toolbox. It was an excellent opportunity to disseminate TCCVET project to those people, that were mostly:

  • Adult educators
  • Post – secondary VET educators
  • Employees of the Directorate of education
  • Graduate and post-graduate VET students
  • Faculty members from Universities

Many of them expressed their interest in the delivery of the TCCVET outputs, whether they are going to be accessible, downloadable and free. Some others asked whether they would have the opportunity to learn more about the project, and IDEC S.A has already established further communication with them, which is absolutely beneficiary for the awareness and the sustainability of the project.