Associated Partners

To further enhance capacity and impact, all partners have secured relevant stakeholders in their country to work alongside them in the project as Associated Partners. This means in practice, that we all have approached vocational schools and VET representative bodies in our countries. This in order to involve relevant stakeholders from the very beginning of the project. This gives us good opportunities to get input and feedback early on in the project from externals and later on it helps us to create wide awareness creation and exploitation opportunities.


All 4 Intellectual Outputs will be pilot tested and used in practice, first by the VET college on board the consortium and by the VET stakeholders of INQ in the Netherlands in the alpha testing phase. Furthermore, our training and material development organisations on board the consortium have all secured ties with VET colleges in their countries for early input on shaping the Outputs and later to beta test the Intellectual Outputs with them. Please see the list provided below and the GANTT chart.

Other VET colleges will join in at these stages as well.


In THE NETHERLANDS, alongside consortium partner Inqubator Leeuwarden the following associated partners have expressed


  • Alfa VET College,
  • Friese Poort VET college,
  • De Kanselarij – business and education center and network organisation,
  • 8D Games – Inqubator Leeuwarden student start-up company specialised in serious games.


In ITALY, alongside consortium partner DLEARN the following associated partners have expressed support:

  • GESFOR – VET training center,


In Europe, via DLEARN and our other consortium partners, the following associated partners have expressed support:

– EfVET – association of European VET colleges –

– EUROPEA – association of EU agrofood VET colleges –


In Greece, through IDEC:

– IEK DELTA – VET Reach out teachers and students in Greece

– Association of SA and Ltd Companies – Business association Disseminate the project results to Greek companies

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