Dissemination and Use of Projects’ Results

The dissemination efforts of TCC VET are mainly aimed at the direct target group of teachers and their school boards and management. Indirect target groups are the wider stakeholders in (teacher) education. To reach out to these target groups, several channels and intermediaries will be used. All partners provided their initial national and EU dissemination plans for this project proposal, a summary is available below. It features the plans the partners have to reach out to the 4 identified target groups:

– VET teachers,

– VET school management,

– VET students,

 – wider stakeholders.


DLEARN as the European Wide NEtwork on Digital Learning in its CORE is aimed to be involved in initiatives such as TCC VET and to share and promote the outcomes widely to its 20+ members in vocational education and beyond. It herefore will also lead on dissemination and exploitation on behalf of the consortium. DLEARN has a special working group devoted to ‘Enhancing digital education to overcome skills mismatch and foster innovative training model in Vocational education and training’. Among others, DLEARN members are VET Associations and VET colleges. 


IDEC: Inside the organisation: Presentation of the project to our staff and associated trainers (20 people) Local level: Local authorities, schools and training centres of Piraeus, Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Piraeus Chamber of Handicrafts. We will contact them by e-mail and send them informational material by post.  National level: 300 VET schools and training centres all over Greece, Associations of enterprises, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chambers of SMEs, Chambers of entrepreneurs. We will contact them by e-mail. EU level: Training centres in more than 20 EU countries. We will contact them by e-mail and we will organise presentation of the project in other transnational meetings. They have organised successful social media campaigns and web-based dissemination campaigns for many projects. https://www.facebook.com/groups/idectrainingcentre


EOLAS There is a direct contact with VET schools in the region, with the link to at least 5000 students and 500 teachers.  


INQUBATOR (Netherlands is located at a centre where multiple partners from education, business and research come together under one roof. Inqubator has 2 VET colleges and 2 Universities as committed partners and as such represented with a seat in its board. Therefore Inqubator has direct ‘next door’ dissemination access to teachers, students and management of most vocational schools and Universities in Leeuwarden and beyond. Furthermore, at a national level, Inqubator staff is in regular contact with AOC Raad (VET council). Internationally, it holds close ties to EfVET (umbrella organisation for European VET colleges).


Elazığ MTAL: To share outputs, experiences with other European partners at meetings (we still have many meetings because of our surviving projects, with 8 different country coordinators).To share results by our web page and give links to European partners.  As mentionedearlier, his project is related with some of the projects executed in the past. And it is related with two of our projects which is still going on. Therefore this project will create synergy with past projects, and further ones. All school students, teachers, city decide makers and local partners will build up a big community and synergy because of this project in the future. We believe in that this projects outputs will be useful for science girls, all gender students, all teachers, model for other schools by activities in the future.