Elazig Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi (ELAZIG EMTAL / Turkey)

School Profile

In 1941, our school had been desired to Educate as “Male After day Art School”, and  has been built in 1945.Now it is called as Elazig Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. Each of the department applies different programmes, our education fields are:

  • Technology of Wooden Field.
  • Computer Multimedia Technology Field
  • Electric and Electronics technology Field
  • Metal Technology Field.
  • Motorized Vehicle Technology Filed
  • Machine Technology Field


       We have 140 staff and 1200 students are continuing to their education, 180 students are graduated every year.The students are between 13-19 age. After graduation, they also have a chance if they want to go on studying as university students. Modular training system is being implemented in our school 9 years.  Our school also provides night vocational education for adult and young people.Another education section is  organizing vocational courses in different fields.(19 age and over ).


       This year our school was one of the best vocational schools in Turkey and identified  as “special project school” by Turkish Ministry of National Education. Furniture and metal sections are engaged in manufacturing metal and wooden parts within the scope of the revolving fund.  At nights and weekends our wooden and metal tecnology departments product materials like desks, tables, wardrops and cabinets that ordered by Turkish National Education Ministry, other institutions as schools, and univercities. %15 of our students and teachers have relatives still living in European countries. Our school is preparing the EU project since 2006. 

        One of the most important factors underlying the problem of employment” profession” is unemployment. Surplus of unskilled labor in Turkey appears to be finding the other hand, companies also suffer from high-quality staff. Disputes arising from this scope of supply and demand in the labor market in order to bring a solution to unemployment, last year started “Specialized Vocational Training Centres (UMEM) Skill 10 Project”.  Specialized Vocational Training Centres (UMEM) Skill 10 Project was agreed between partners named: Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Ministry of Education and TOBB Economics and Technology University (TOBB-ETU). Our school was the pilot institution for this project. In this context, vocational training courses are organized according to the needs of civil society organizations at our school.

          We are well experienced about European Grant projects, and local fundation projects. We are also leading to other schools about projects and co-ordinating their projects. We have strong friendship with local-regional-transnational NGO’s, schools, VET and Universities.  There is stil going on a national education Project named “FATIH” and our school has smart and high level technology  boards by this project. Our  school also authorized able to certificate educations which ADULTS have at our school. We are well in the projects supported by grants from the European Union. Our school has received a grant of approximately 1,7 million euros till now and rebuild many education training workshops.

Role in Project : Project Coordinator

Key persons involved :

  • Mr.Rahmi Dikici
  • Mr.Mustafa Aydın