EOLAS S.L. provides services and support to all enterprises, organisations and entities with demands in the field of the design and management of projects. The company offers services related to the definition of strategies to obtain funding and grants (international, European, national and regional) and accompanies the whole process, from the conceptual and design phase up to the management and closing of the project. EOLAS provides advice, consulting and support to optimize all processes related to the design, preparation and management of projects, facilitating the participation of its clients in the different international, European, national and regional funding programmes. The service offer relates to:

– Design and implementation of strategic plans for international, European, national and regional funding;

– Identification of needs and opportunities, as well as idea generation;

– Design, preparation, presentation and management of projects;

– Advice on international, European, national and regional financing schemes and programmes;

 – Establishing networks and collaboration for the participation in international, European, national and regional projects, including partner search;

 – Project management training and coaching – Innovation and exploitation management

– Business strategy development and internationalisation – Knowledge generation, sharing and transfer, including training.

-Educational innovation and profiles – Creativity and innovation in business and education EOLAS S.L. is founded by a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in idea generation, identification of financing schemes, proposal preparation, partner search and management of international, European, national and regional projects. It combines the knowledge and experience of in the field of economics, innovation and enterprise organization with engineering, allowing the company to integrate both the technical coordination as well as the economic aspects of project management. The team members have been involved in different projects during this time, acting as project manager in close to 135 projects from a large variety of different funding programmes.

Since its creation EOLAS has managed proposals for many different calls and has provided partners for EU projects from different funding programmes, such as Erasmus+, Horizon2020, Life Long Learning, Progress, FP7, Interreg, Erasmus Entrepreneurship and CIP, amongst others.

EOLAS is currently partner of numerous projects in the field of education and training with different topics, and in a H2020 innovation action on plastics recycling. It is intermediary organisation for KA1 VET mobility projects. We are involved (or have been) in several projects from different calls on the following focal topics:

– Educational innovation: IDEAL, ESCOLA, TEACH-INC; MOVIN+; MOVIN

– Social innovation & entepreneurship: SOCIA; SOG-TIM, SOFE

– Innovation & Entrepreneurship: RE-ENTER; IN2IN

– (Applied) ICT & coding: LIFT; EDU-CODE

– Tourism: CORRIE; EFF Tourism

– Social inclusion: STORYTELLER

– Health & care: CARE4U

– Energy efficiency: LEARN-EER; NEBULA, ee-Wise

Apart from the involvement as partner in projects it has participated as expert for clients partnering in projects. The organisation has development ist own methodologies for quality management, project management, impact evaluation and exploitation strategy development.

EOLAS has been external evaluator for several life long learning projects, where it evaluated the quality and impact of the projects and its results. The assessment is based upon an own methodology developed by the organisation. Team members are active a vice-chair, recorder and evaluator for the European Commission and as reviewer of ongoing projects in FP6, 7 and H2020. They also work as Exploitation Expert for the Commission´s exploitation booster. EOLAS has been Facilitator for the EIP-AHA Action Group on “Personalised health management, starting with a Falls Prevention Initiative, a contract by the European Commission

Role in Project : Project partner

Key persons involved :  Mrs. Maria Catharina (Manon)


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