Main responsibilities amongst partners

Besides executing the tasks and delivering on time and in good quality, the project demands high commitment, active contribution and a social and a positive mind-set from all partners involved, as well as an active engagement of the external stakeholders.

Please Note: all consortium partners are working on all IOs and activities to ensure active participation of the partners in all aspects of the project. This should also increase sustainability and wide dissemination and exploitation in the final stages of the project and especially beyond.

To further formalise the involvement of externals, during the project a Project Reference Group (PRG) will be established with practitioners, experts, and policy/decision makers in every partner country to support the (wider) implementation and endorsement of the project. This reference group will contribute to the quality evaluation of the project, dissemination activities, and importantly to the valorisation activities. The target is to have at least 35 key experts in this group, 5 members per partner.

Upon receiving the message of approval of the project proposal, all consortium partners will:

* issue a press release to all their relevant stakeholders about TCC VET, its goals and activities and what it can bring to them.

* Formalise their network of regional stakeholders in preparation of the start of the project and plan a preparation meeting with their internal and external stakeholders.

High engagements of key stakeholders giving feedback to the project partners ensures comprehensive evaluation and guarantees improvement of the results during the entire lifespan of the project. This also means that we create awareness and commitment for when the project period is over and we continue with the continuous learning cycle.