Measure the mentioned impacts

The use of the TCC VET TOGETHER Online Platform and Community (IO4) and downloads and use of the TEACHER TOOLBOX (O1), the TCC VET Teacher Manual (O2), and the STRATEGIC ROADMAP (IO3).

Since all project partners will execute wide dissemination efforts on national levels and use their available networks, we expect many visitors from their own countries. Extensive EU dissemination will guarantee visitors of other EU countries to the website as well. Online platform visitors, number of members of the online community and number of downloads of products and information will be measured and monitored throughout the project by analysing web statistics every 3 months. This enables the project partners to adjust / enhance dissemination efforts when it appears to be necessary. Given the clear focus of the dissemination and exploitation plan and efforts by all project partners, the majority of queries from interested parties and visitors to the EU platform is expected to come from vocational school teachers and other staff.

QUALITATIVE: RESPONSIVENESS TO TARGET GROUPS – TEACHERS & STUDENTS All 4 Intellectual Outputs will be pilot tested and used in practice, first by the VET college on board the consortium and by the VET stakeholders of INQ in the Netherlands in the alpha testing phase. Furthermore, our training and material development organisations on board the consortium have all secured ties with VET colleges in their countries  for early input on shaping the Outputs and later to bèta test the Intellectual Outputs with them. We will gather valuable qualitative feedback from this very same target group of teachers through the piloting phase, with these recommendations we will built the final Outputs. The TCC VET materials will be tested and used within schools with multiple teachers. After this initial testing, a wider circle of (external) schools will be involved for bèta testing (at least 8 schools from various countries). Therefore we will gather feedback from at least 11 schools before releasing the final version of the Outputs with the expected involvement of 50+ teachers. 

In addition, we will collect feedback from approximately 220 students who will participate in the alpha or bèta pilot tests when their teachers apply the TCC VET outputs in class room. During these phases the participants will complete detailed questionnaires regarding the relevance, content, user friendliness of the materials as well as overall satisfaction.

Furthermore, involved teachers and students will be stimulated to become part of the Online Community (aim is at least 100 members within the project lifespan) and actively take part in Multiplier Events (at least 200 unique participants expected across the 6 Multiplier Events (5 multiplier event because CIVIC left the project). Through these online and face-to-face forums we will be able to constantly monitor desires and satisfaction.