Multiplier Events(for E1,E2,E3,E4,E5)

In all partner regions we will organise a Multiplier Event upon completion of O1-O4. This in order to present the developed materials to relevant stakeholders and potential users. The network of stakeholders will consist of entities from mainly education, but also youth work, business, government and research to ensure a wide-ranging view on the materials. Most of them would have been involved during the reseach/pilot stages as well.


The timing of these series of Multiplier Events across partner countries coincides with the end of Activity 5 in most IOs: delivery of the final version of the Output. Please also see the GANTT chart.


These Multiplier events offer a great opportunity to disseminate the projects results and outcomes and promote all IOs available through the TCC VET TOGETHER online platform and community (IO4) and secure additional schools for implementation.

It is anticipated that in all 5 partner regions, at least 30 stakeholders will be involved in this series of Multiplier events E1-E5 (total 120 participants on project level).

Besides this formal round of Multiplier Events, multiple smaller and informal follow-up sessions are expected to be organised by all partners throughout the project in advance of these Multiplier Events. This to update their regional stakeholders and ask for feedback and input at all key stages in development (also see the IO Activity descriptions).