1. Elazig Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi (Elazig EMTAL) TURKEY

School Profile
In 1941, our school had been desired to Educate as “Male After day Art School”, and has been built in 1945.Now it is called as Elazig Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. Each of the department applies different programmes, our education fields are:

  • Technology of Wooden Field.
  • Computer Multimedia Technology Field
  • Electric and Electronics technology Field
  • Metal Technology Field.
  • Motorized Vehicle Technology Filed
  • Machine Technology Field

We have 140 staff and 1200 students are continuing to their education, 180 students are graduated every year.The students are between 13-19 age. After graduation, they also have a chance if they want to go on studying as university students. Modular training system is being implemented in our school 9 years. Our school also provides night vocational education for adult and young people.Another education section is organizing vocational courses in different fields.(19 age and over ).

This year our school was one of the best vocational schools in Turkey and identified as “special project school” by Turkish Ministry of National Education. Furniture and metal sections are engaged in manufacturing metal and wooden parts within the scope of the revolving fund. At nights and weekends our wooden and metal tecnology departments product materials like desks, tables, wardrops and cabinets that ordered by Turkish National Education Ministry, other institutions as schools, and univercities. %15 of our students and teachers have relatives still living in European countries. Our school is preparing the EU project since 2006.

One of the most important factors underlying the problem of employment“profession” is unemployment. Surplus of unskilled labor in Turkey appears to be finding the other hand, companies also suffer from high-quality staff. Disputes arising from this scope of supply and demand in the labor market in order to bring a solution to unemployment, last year started “Specialized Vocational Training Centres (UMEM) Skill 10 Project”. Specialized Vocational Training Centres (UMEM) Skill 10 Project was agreed between partners named: Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Ministry of Education and TOBB Economics and Technology University (TOBB-ETU). Our school was the pilot institution for this project. In this context, vocational training courses are organized according to the needs of civil society organizations at our school.

We are well experienced about European Grant projects, and local fundation projects. We are also leading to other schools about projects and co-ordinating their projects. We have strong friendship with local-regional-transnational NGO’s, schools, VET and Universities. There is stil going on a national education Project named “FATIH” and our school has smart and high level technology boards by this project. Our school also authorized able to certificate educations which ADULTS have at our school. We are well in the projects supported by grants from the European Union. Our school has received a grant of approximately 1,7 million euros till now and rebuild many education training workshops.

2. Aintek Symvouloi Epicheiriseon Efarmoges Ypsilis Technologias Ekpaidefsi Anonmymi Etaireia (IDEC) Greece

School Profile
IDEC is a training consulting company located in Piraeus, Greece. Its activities consist of training, management consulting, quality assurance, evaluation and development of ICT solutions for both private and public sector. Clients of IDEC are both SMEs and the bigger Greek companies of a wide variety of sectors. It co-operates with more than 600 institutes all through Europe and with about 300 experts on specific fields.

IDEC has extensive experience in European projects, either as coordinator or as partner from different European programs and Initiatives. The last 14 years IDEC is dealing with the theme of quality assurance in training and has coordinated the projects EQUAL,, BEQUAL and QUADRAT in the same subject. Moreover IDEC has consulting experience in developing quality management systems in Greek training centres.

IDEC has an accredited lifelong learning centre and organises in-service training courses for teachers and trainers, study visits and informal learning activities for students in initial education and training and provides training courses and work placements for students in vocational training and people in labour market. Our training courses cover a wide range of topics including management, pedagogy, ECVET and EQF, ICT, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, soft skills etc. Therefore, the expertise that we gain from our participation in EU projects, we transform it into new training courses for teachers, trainers and management staff of educational organizations, maximizing the impact of the projects. You can find further information on our training courses at

Operational and financial management:
European projects in IDEC are managed by a separate department specialized in international cooperation projects. IDEC has successfully participated in numerous EU projects and is highly experienced in both the operational requirements of such projects and the EU program regulations. Specific persons will be assigned to the project based on their expertise and will follow the Project throughout its duration.

For the financial management, IDEC keeps fully systematised accounting records, which allow traceability and identification of all costs and revenue generated per project. IDEC also employs specialised accountants, for the internal accounting and auditing procedures.

Certifications and Quality Systems:
IDEC is a certified Lifelong Learning Centre from EOPPEP (Greek National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance). Also, IDEC has a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 standard in the scope of “DESIGN, DΕVΕLΟΡΜΕΝΤ AND PROVΙSION OF ΤRAΙNING SERVΙCES, PROVISION OF CONSULΤΙNG SERVΙCES, ΙΜΡLΕΜΕΝΤΑΤΙΟΝ OF ENΤERPRΙSES, DEVELOPMENΤ AND ORGANΙZAΤΙON PLANS, DEVELOPMENΤ OF SOFΤWARE AND ΙΝΤΕRΝΕΤ ΑΡΡLΙCΑΤΙΟΝS”.

3. Eolas S.L. Spain

EOLAS S.L. offers services and support to enterprises, organisations and entities in 3 main areas, for a wide range of demands and needs from support for projects, business development and consulting to innovation.


As a result from experience in business development and a track record as exploitation expert, we provide a wide range of services and support, in all phases of business creation, development and growth. Not only for established companies, but also for start-ups, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations (e.g. NGOs), and for the traditional, digital and circular/collaborative economy.

  • Strategic planning – supporting the development of defining goals and in setting measurable objectives, mobilising the necessary resources to realise them.
  • Business planning – help companies, being it established ones, or in the start-up/creation phases, to gain insight into the social, economic and policy factors that affect their daily operations.
  • Business development – support businesses to be competitive and grow, from improving internal organisations processes to securing financing.
  • Through our experience as exploitation expert for a wide variety of research, development and innovation projects, we are well positioned to drive transform ideas into products/services for the market. We apply innovative approaches and methods such as storytelling, co-creation and creativity techniques.


Thanks to a proven track record as innovation and quality manager and reviewer of innovative (EU-funded) projects, we are in an ideal position to support you in the envisaging, designing and implementation of innovation processes in all types of organisations and in different contexts.

  • Social innovation – accompanying all related process, enhancing and extending impact and supporting real change-making,
  • Educational innovation – enhancing innovative processes and the adoption of new approaches and methods throughout all educational levels and training activities.
  • Product & service innovation – increasing the competitiveness of your products and/or services through the application of a variety of innovation processes.
  • Collaborative innovation – the application of collaborative processes to enhance the capacity of organisations to upfront the challenges of today and in the future.
  • Training for innovation – providing a wide array of coaching and training related to innovation and the skills and competences demanded by the labour market of the future. Co-creation, creativity techniques, narrative techniques and knowledge generation and management are only a few of the methods we apply in our aim of making you more innovative and reach a higher and more long-lasting impact


Based upon our long-standing and extensive experience in projects, we offer services and support to all enterprises, organisations and entities with demands in the field of the design and management of projects. The services range from the definition of strategies to obtain funding and grants (international, European, national and regional), accompanying the whole process, the conceptual and design phase up to the management and closing of the project. Since its creation EOLAS has managed proposals for many different calls and has provided partners for EU projects from different funding programmes, such as Horizon2020, Erasmus+, COSME; Interreg; FP7; Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, Life Long Learning, Progress, CIP, amongst others. EOLAS S.L. is founded by a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in idea generation, identification of financing schemes, proposal preparation, partner search and management of international, European, national and regional projects. It combines the knowledge and experience of in the field of economics, innovation and enterprise organization with engineering, allowing the company to integrate both the technical coordination as well as the economic aspects of project management. The team members have been involved in different projects during this time, acting as project manager in close to 135 projects from a large variety of different funding programmes. EOLAS is currently partner of numerous projects in the field of education and training with different topics, and in a H2020 innovation action on plastics recycling. It is intermediary organisation for KA1 VET mobility projects. We are involved (or have been) in several projects from different calls and a qide range of topics, such as Educational innovation, Social innovation & entepreneurship, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, (Applied) ICT & coding, Tourism and Social Inclusión. The organisation has development ist own methodologies for quality management, project management, impact evaluation and exploitation strategy development.

4. European Digital Learning Network (DLEARN) ITALY

The European Digital Learning Network – DLEARN – aims to embrace the challenges brought by the digital revolution in terms of digital skills mismatch, toward an inclusive digital society. The 47% of Europeans is not properly digitally skilled – yet in the near future 90% of jobs will require some level of digital skills and numerous opportunities in terms of jobs that are going to shape the labour market. Our aims are characterized by 4 key-words: SHARE, CONNECT, MULTIPLY, ENHANCE. DLEARN is a collector of practices and ideas, gathering diverse organizations in Europe to reflect, think and trigger new initiatives, toward the valorisation and the enhancement of digital learning. The network was born from the initiative of 20 different organizations from all over Europe, active in the field of education and digital learning at various levels. Among others DLEARN members are: – Associations – Educational Centres (adult education) – Training Centres – ICT education services providers – ICT experts – NGOs – SMEs – Universities -Vocational Schools – Adult training centre

The network is active through its members in different activities: <

  • ICT / new technologies / digital competences
  • Intercultural/intergenerational education and lifelong learning
  • New innovative curricula / educational methods / development of training courses
  • Entrepreneurial learning
  • Entrepreneurial education
  • Youth enhancement and boost of competences especially of those in need
  • Development of innovative educational tools through game-based approach, mobile applications and interactive platforms to engage learners.
  • Promotion and implementation of European transparency tools for education and training (ECVET,EQAVET, etc.)

Therefore the two main goals the network is promoting are:

  • To develop and uptake of digital skills for every citizens, of any age, at all levels;
  • To foster digital learning, or in other words the use of ICT tools and methods to make learning more attractive, more effective, more flexible and to guarantee equal access to all.
  • The network is organized in 4 main working groups that represent the field of education and scope that DLearn is covering through its activities.
  • Higher education: to boost students cantered-learning settings and innovative educational methods – Adult education and youth: Promote awareness and competent exploitation of ICT within the society
  • Vocational education and training: Enhance digital education to overcome skills mismatch and foster innovative training model
  • School education: Improve pedagogy and teaching with ICT tools and innovative practices

The network can count on the experiences of its own staff but also on the know-how and strong relations of the members involved that are actively committed to strength the voice of the network, as well as improve the debate and advocate with the following objectives:

  • Create ties between local organisations and European institutions, to let local needs emerge – Improve comprehensiveness of Transparency tools (EQF, ECVET, EQAVET) to be more understandable by citizens and organizations
  • Promote digital learning through participation in relevant working groups and interest groups at European Commission and Parliament level

We can count on a stable network of partners and stakeholders whom we have with formal memorandum of understanding for mutual cooperation. This enlarge even more our capacity in engaging our partners in all the actions required during the dissemination and exploitation phases. Among others:

  • EUROGEO (European Association of Geographers)
  • EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION a network of 18 EU universities
  • European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training


Inqubator Leeuwarden (off. reg. name Stichting Incubator) has been active in the northern part of the Netherlands since its establishment as a foundation in 2010. The Inqubator is backed by a.o. the Municipality of Leeuwarden, Business Innovation Center BDF, and VET schools and universities in the region.

The focus of Inqubator is on helping entrepreneurial students and teachers develop their personal growth, and support start-up student companies to firmly establish their business. To this end, Inqubator offers a shared room facility in which start-up students can work on their business plan, can get advice on how they should proceed in the development of their business and follow different kinds of workshops and masterclasses. Furthermore, Inqubator provides students with knowledge, network, advice, training and workshops in cooperation with business and educational partners.

Most students and teachers we work with originate from of one of the 3 VET colleges and Universities of Applied Science in the city of Leeuwarden. Inqubator is in close contact with these 6 Education Institutes and supports them with the educational programmes.

Inqubator provides train-the-trainer programs to teachers, it organizes guest lectures for students, set-up-your-business-in-a-day events at school etc.

Inqubator’s training and train-the-trainer activities have a clear approach and way of provision: they are meant to engage learners, to truly involve them in an interactive manner. We see participating training and education as the way to make a true impact on successful knowledge and skills transfer.

Inqubator does this with a team of 6 people who are involved in training and coaching. Inqubator offers its services to all people interested in becoming more entrepreneurial, especially teachers and students. Not specifically or per se to become an entrepreneur, but to develop their skills such as pro-activeness, creative thinking, presentation skills, effective use of ICT etc.