Project’s results

ΙΟ1 – Teacher Toolbox

This toolbox will provide you information on which innovative tools you, as a teacher, can use in class, to interact with and involve students in the learning process. Research is done on which tools are most efficient, less time consuming and fun to use in class, targeting different teaching activities. 

IO2 – Teacher Manual

This Manual support teachers with precise instructions to fully understand how to use the Toolbox, giving them confidence and skills to use the selected tools in practice in the classroom, maximizing the results in terms of students’ engagement. 

IO3 – Strategic Roadmap

The present logbook is designed as a tool for schools to develop their own strategic roadmap towards more digitalisation, by going through the different steps and answering the questions included in the logbook, schools will have the baseline for a strategic plan towards the introduction of digital tools, which will help them to implement the approach consistent with the reality and policy of the school. 

IO4 – TCC VET TOGETHER – online community & platform

Visit out community: 

Here you will be able to download the above mentioned results