Stichting Incubator / Netherlands

Inqubator Leeuwarden (off. reg. name Stichting Incubator) has been active in the northern part of the Netherlands since its establishment as a foundation in 2010. The Inqubator is backed by a.o. the Municipality of Leeuwarden, Business Innovation Center BDF, and VET schools and universities in the region.

The focus of Inqubator is on helping entrepreneurial students and teachers develop their personal growth, and support start-up student companies to firmly establish their business. To this end, Inqubator offers a shared room facility in which start-up students can work on their business plan, can get advice on how they should proceed in the development of their business and follow different kinds of workshops and masterclasses. Furthermore, Inqubator provides students with knowledge, network, advice, training and workshops in cooperation with business and educational partners.


Most students and teachers we work with originate from of one of the 3 VET colleges and Universities of Applied Science in the city of Leeuwarden. Inqubator is in close contact with these 6 Education Institutes and supports them with the educational programmes.


Inqubator provides train-the-trainer programs to teachers, it organizes guest lectures for students, set-up-your-business-in-a-day events at school etc.

Inqubator’s training and train-the-trainer activities have a clear approach and way of provision: they are meant to engage learners, to truly involve them in an interactive manner. We see participating training and education as the way to make a true impact on successful knowledge and skills transfer.

Inqubator does this with a team of 6 people who are involved in training and coaching. Inqubator offers its services to all people interested in becoming more entrepreneurial, especially teachers and students. Not specifically or per se to become an entrepreneur, but to develop their skills such as pro-activeness, creative thinking, presentation skills, effective use of ICT etc

Role in Project : Project partner

Key persons involved :  Mr.Lennard Drogendijk


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