The First Meeting Report

The first meeting of our TCCVET project was held on February 19, 2019 in Milano / ITALY. Representatives from all the five partners Netherland, Spain, Greece, Italy and Turkey attended the meeting.

Project Activities:

The delay was due to the  withdrawing of  CIVIC from the project who was one of the project partner. After CIVIC withdrew the project, the division of the tasks re-planned and the budget re-created. In this case the new tasks and budget approved by both  all partners and  Turkish National Agency. The meeting date postponed because of all these modifications.

At the meeting, the project partners made a presentation about their own institutions, so that all the partners were able to know each other better. The “Project Handbook” where  prepared by EMTAL was  introduced and presented to the participants. After the project logo was unanimously selected, information about the new budget was informed  to the participants by EMTAL.

Work plan, description of the projects intellectual outputs and corresponding activities and multiplier events, mentioning the tasks for the activity leading organisation and the participating organisations discussed and presented by EMTAL. All partners informed about their responsibilities and IO’s before meeting by coordinator EMTAL  and during the meeting each partner presented their duties, roles and how they will implement their responsibilites.

Incubator from Netherlands who is the leader partner of IO1 (teacher toolbox) introduced IO1 and gave information  about work plan, duties of each parther. The other partners discussed about IO1 softwares and how to adapt to schools.  It was discussed that not only the teachers of the schools also  the managers of the schools are important point  at using these softwares. The next main idea was “how do we digitalize the schools”  that discussed at first meeting.

Building up steering committee and  identifiying key persons for Project handbook held with the participation of all partners. The new duties distrubuted as:

  1. DLEARN will build up Project facebook page
  2. EMTAL will build up Project advertisement page at Linkedin and etwinning page
  3. All partners will  give support for social media
  4. IDEC will build up online platform (the new task after CIVIC withdrew from the Project)
  5. EMTAL will build up Project web page (the new task after CIVIC withdrew from the Project)

It was decided to discuss at next meeting about multiplier events and active involvement of stakeholders.  Time planning agreed with all partners as:

  1. The second meeting will be held on 27 th of May 2019 in Spain
  2. The bimonthly skype meeting will be held at 09:30 on 15 th April via skype.

Financial reports will be prepared quarterly and submitted to the project coordinator.



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