The Second Meeting (Badajoz)

The meeting was held on May 27, 2019 in the city of Badajoz/Spain, hosted by EOLAS. Before the meeting, the agenda was sent to the partners and they shared the contents of the meeting on Google Drive.

At the meeting, the project coordinator EMTAL opened and focused on specific points of the project. The project handbook was briefly re-presented, brief reminders about the important points of the project. EMTAL  briefly explained the progress of the project and what has been done so far. The timetable (Annex C) has been reflected and announced so far and what will be done in the future. The partners’ roles in the project were reminded and presented by each partner they have done so far.

 Inqubator made a presentation about IO1-Toolbox and explained the studies. Interactive presentation tools, game-based learning tools, animation creation tools and digital collaboration & assessment tools were given to each partner country. Ideas for the development of the toolbox were presented, sub-topics were discussed, what could be added for each tool was discussed.


It was decided to add brief information for some tool  by each partner for  web page and  to translate some information into various languages on the website.

Manon (EOLAS)  presented the IO3 roadmap and discussed the ideas of the partners. Various opinions were received by partners. Project web page and etwinning where already  created were presented by EMTAL. Comments were received for the online platform and it was suggested to use wordpress for the platform. It was suggested to use the facebook account created by DLEARN by other countries. The website and online platform will be available in multiple languages. In this way, many more users would benefit. It was decided to translate certain basic information instead of all.


The presentation of the first meeting was made by IDEC and shared on Google drive. DLEARN made a presentation of dissemination and shared what was and will be done. It is envisaged to make 2 publications per month on dissemination. EOLAS suggested that each partner should write and share their own IO. It was suggested to put the artisans to school education and reach 3000 people in this way.

For suggesting  the next meeting date, EOLAS offered the date should be after  to realize   IO1 and IO2’s  alpha and beta tests.

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