The Tasks

Project Management and Implementation Activities and Results

  1. Draft contracts between applicant partner and individual project partners (A1 in GANTT chart)
  2. Develop project handbook which serves as guide for the partners (goals, tasks, rules, reporting etc.) – A2
  3. Develop financial reporting case study (A3)
  4. Set-up internal online workspace (Basecamp) – A4
  5. Set-up and manage Steering Committee (1 member per project partner) – A5
  6. Coordinate Project Reference Group (min. 35 key experts) – A6
  7. Draft the Minutes of the 6 Transnational Project Meetings (TNMs) incl. agreements, to-do-list and deadlines (A7)
  8. Draft short reports from the monthly online meetings, incl. agreements, to-do-list and deadlines (A8)
  9. Organise and review internal financial reports by partners to applicant partner every 6 months (A9)
  10. Develop interim reports for N.A. on project progress and finances (A10)
  11. Develop final report for N.A. on project progress and finances (A11)

Activities and Results for Evulation Purposes

  1. Development of an evaluation plan incl. the development of tools for the evaluation of the project effectiveness, Project progress, TNMs and Multiplier Events (A12 in GANTT chart).

Activities and Results to Facilitate Dissemination,Promotion, Events and Network

  1. Development of Dissemination & exploitations plans (on European and national level) – A13 in GANTT chart,

resulting in:

  1. Project logo and further project corporate identity
  2. General and themed brochures
  3. Posters and display banners
  4. Initial project website with online community facilities
  5. Social media presence: Youtube channel, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter account.
  6. Press releases
  7. E-newsletters